AJRY is a privately-owned organization set up in 2018 and based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

AJRY delivers business transformation results by leveraging the mainframe as a transformation platform and by reducing middle-tier systems, leveraging an extremely integrated and secure architecture, optimizing mainframe resources and using real-time analytics.

AJRY was created to leverage mainframes as the Enterprise Business Innovation Platform, effectively delivering new services, channels, security and cost optimization.

AJRY offers consulting services that will provide Enterprises with key business imperatives and market competitive advantages such as:

  • New business channels
  • Better and real-time services
  • Faster time-to-market delivery of new services
  • Cost Savings
  • High-Performance optimization
  • Secure and regulatory compliant services

AJRY Consulting Services include:

AJRY’s Customer Base includes:

  • Mainframe customers such as Financial Institutions, Government & Public Sector, Insurance, Telecommunications, and Hosting Service Providers.
  • Provision of Subject Matter Expertise to internal client stakeholders in Mainframe Operations, Infrastructure, Enterprise Architecture, Applications, Data Management, Security, Risk Management, and Lines-of-Business.


AJRY’s Consulting Assignments include:

  • Mainframe Training Services: Requirements Assessment
  • Mainframe Security Strategy Assessments
  • Mainframe Pervasive Encryption Strategy and Roll-out Best Practices
  • Mainframe Modernization Strategy and Assessment Services