Digital Transformation Leveraging Mainframe Platform

The Mainframe Evolving Threats Landscape


The great IBM Mainframe is secure by “Design” but not necessarily by “Implementation” or “Practice”!


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There are significant risks from “Outsiders” and “Insiders” especially, as the modern Mainframe is exposed directly to the outside world.

Enterprises are realizing the benefits of eliminating middle tier systems to meet  critical objectives of Cost, Performance, and Security resulting in “direct access” to the Mainframe. Historically, systems were shielded with several access layers such as applications and portal systems.

The new era Fintech and Govtech companies are already accessing mainframe data on behalf of their customers to monetize it and offer customized products and services. The way that data is accessed thereby impacts the performance and cost of the mainframe.

Other “Outsiders” are non-company employees such as Hosting Service Providers, Shared Services Resources or internal Operations and Infrastructure employees.

Who is accountable in case of a data breach?

Analysts predict that data breaches are no longer a matter of “IF”, but “WHEN” …

  • Average cost of a data breach in 2017 was $3.6M *1
  • There is a 26% probability that an organization will have a data breach in the next 24 months *2
  • Out of the 9 Billion records breached since 2013 only 4% were encrypted *3

This clearly explains why the “Internal Audits” are hardening to meet continuously changing (hardening) regulatory requirements such as GDPR and PCI v3.2, two with pressing deadlines in 2018.

Modern Mainframes play a key role in the Digital Enterprise with its Unique Matrix of Performance & Economics and leveraging it’s Secure & Integrated architecture.

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