CICS COBOL XML Workshop CXML 2 days
CICS Configuration Manager Concepts & Facilities CCCM 3 days
CICS Performance Analyzer Concepts & Facilities CCPA 3 days
CICS Transaction Server – Concepts & Facilities CA 2 days
CICS Transaction Server Operations in z Systems Environments COPS 1 day
CICS Transaction Server Performance & Tuning CPT 4 days
CICS Transaction Server Systems Administration CSA 5 days
CICS TS V5 Explorer Customization & Operation CEC5 2 days
CICS TS V5 New Features & Facilities CAL5 3 days
CICS Web Support Programmers’ Workshop CWSP 5 days
CICS/TS Architecture Part 1 – Foundations TSAR1 5 days
CICS/TS Architecture Part 2 – Structure & Flow TSAR2 5 days
CICS/TS Application Debugging Workshop CADW 3 days
CICS/TS Application Programming Workshop CAPW 5 days
Understanding & Managing CICSPlex using CICS Explorer and WUI for V5 CPSM 4 days
Using RACF with CICS RACS 2 days