Hybrid Cloud Strategy

The mainframe is the system of Record, Interaction and Engagement as it runs 80% of data and code for major organizations in financial services and government.

z14 Frame

  • Mainframes offer DevOps capabilities for rapid, continuous, and iterative delivery of innovative software application development life-cycle driven by business dynamics.
  • Mainframes have Intelligence, Analytics & Machine Learning Capabilities.
  • The Modern Mainframe technology provides optimized Integration Architecture, Security, and unmatched Economics for transactions.
  • Mainframes data (the Crown Jewels) and resources can be consumed as real-time services, directly, and securely as an integral part of the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud (on-premise, off-premise, private or public Cloud).
  • The Modern Mainframe Architecture provides additional operation and performance cost savings by reducing the need for middle-tier systems and the involved costs of offloading duplicate copies of its data.
  • Leveraging LinuxOne for mainframe as ultimate performance and cost savings operating system.
  • Leveraging RedHat open source as development ecosystem and orchestrator for the hybrid clouds workloads.