Mainframe Enterprise Security


The mainframe is secure by design, typically not by implementation or practice.

  • It is critical to leverage Mainframe integrated and secure architecture.
  • Mainframe technology must be an integral part of the Enterprise Security Strategy.
  • Re-purposing Mainframe as Enterprise Security (Encryption) platform to address pressing compliance requirements such as GDPR and PCI v3.2 to name a few with deadlines in 2018.
  • Re-purposing Mainframe as an Enterprise Insurance Policy by extending its Data Encryption capabilities beyond the Enterprise.

Security Strategy

  • Enterprise Cyber Security capabilities including:
    1. Access and identity management.
    2. Activity monitoring for privileged users and sensitive data.
    3. Activity monitoring and compliance frameworks for infrastructure configuration vulnerabilities.
    4. Data protection (Encryption) per policy and regulatory requirements.
    5. Security intelligence for event correlation and suspicious behaviors.
    6. Incident Response Platform (IRP) to orchestrate resources and processes that can automate the response process.
    7. Prioritizing the rollout of the required security domains as a single domain is not a sufficient protection strategy.