CA-ACF/2 for Auditors ACAF 2 days
CA-ACF2 Overview ACFO 1 day
Db2 for z/OS: Using RACF DSR 1 day
Identity & Access Management (IAM) Overview IAM 1 day
RACF Administration & Auditing MRFA 4 days
RACF for Auditors RACA 3 days
RACF for z/OS Systems Programmers RAZO 3 days
RACF Security – Boot Camp RABC 10 days
RACF: Advanced Administration RAAD 3 days
Security for WebSphere Applications WASS 3 days
Security in the IBM Mainframe Environment SECI 1 day
TCP/IP Security in a z/OS Environment CTSZ 5 days
Understanding RACF 3092 1 day
Using RACF with CICS RACS 2 days
Using RACF with IBM MQ RAMQ 1 day
Using RACF with UNIX System Services (USS) RAUS 1 day
Using RACF with WebSphere RAWS 1 day
zSecure Alert Concepts & Facilities ZSAC 1 day
zSecure Basic Admin & Reporting ZSBA 3 days
zSecure CARLa Fundamentals ZSCA 3 days
zSecure Command Verifier Overview ZSCV 1 day
zSecure Overview ZSOV 1 day
zSecure RACF and SMF Auditing ZSSM 2 days
zSecure RACF Management Workshop ZSRA 2 days
zSecure RACF Offline & Access Monitor Overview ZSRM 1 day