UNIX, Linux & AIX

AIX Administration AXA1 5 days
AIX Fundamentals AXFU 4 days
Big Data Concepts BDCA 1 day
Big Data in Practice using Hadoop BDHA 2 days
Big Data in Practice using Spark BDSA 2 days
C Programming Fundamentals ABCP 3 days
Data Analysis with Python DAPA 2 days
Data Warehouse Concepts DWCA 1 day
Linux/UNIX Shell Programming ABSP 3 days
Perl Programming Fundamentals ABPP 3 days
PHP Programming Fundamentals PHPA 3 days
Python Fundamentals PYFA 3 days
R for Data Analytics RDAA 3 days
SQL for Business Intelligence Reporting and Analysis SBIA 2 days
UNIX Introduction UXIN 3 days