Why Us?

Historically, Enterprises had challenges with Mainframes with their high costs, time-to-market delivery of new applications, short supply of skills, and visibility of policies and controls governing such a critical environment.

AJRY provides customers with strategies and services to overcome Mainframe challenges and re-purpose it as an Enterprise Innovation Platform. We achieve this by adopting modern architecture, leveraging new capabilities in the platform, and maximizing the benefits of its new licensing models.

AJRY continuously researches and identifies new market and industry disruptive services, trends, ecosystems and competition to inspire customers’ Innovation and Change. FinTech and GovTech are two disruptive models inspiring Enterprises who are adapting, imitating or planning to compete with better and new services. They may wish to partner with or acquire them as well.


Why AJRY’s Services?

AJRY focuses on Mainframe security as an accelerator and enabler shifting innovation from concept to production for Enterprises to realize the projected value sooner.

AJRY provides practical strategies, as well as access to resources and services in North America and Europe who have extensive experience with the mainframe platform and its various technologies and tools.